Tuesday August 3rd

2:00  Registration Opens. Drop off sample at the SafeTogether Van outside the Intercontinental.

3:00    Part One. Overview. Federal Funds Presentation. Overview of funds flow and access. Summary Georgetown’s FutureEd report. Phyllis Jordon Invited.

4:00    Break

4:15    Part Two. How firms are spending these funds. Recommendations for School Districts

5:30   Welcome Reception

Wednesday Aug 4th

9:00   Safe Schools – Testing  Strategies and Alternatives.  Overview and key strategies based on the experiences of COVIDCheck Colorado and Saliva Direct Lab. Specific action plans for the next time a pandemic arrives. New technologies in development. Mobile testing. Point of Care testing. Overview discussion at technologies and approaches. Presenters/Panelists: Anne Wyllie, Eric Parrie, Gabor Bethlendy, Sanjay Malkani

9:45     Safe Schools - Air Quality. Safe and Healthy Buildings. Presentation of Johns Hopkins Report. Overview of aerosols and risk mitigation. The role of ventilation to combat the spread of infectious diseases. Discussion of the challenges facing schools Presenters/Panelists: Erik Malmstrom Jeff Wagner, Simon Turner.

10:30    Break

10:45   Healthy Schools. Health Resilience and Nutrition.  The role of nutrition. The untapped potential of the School Nurse. Best practices and innovative programs. Presenters/Panelists:  Emily Gold Mears, Rebecca Love.

11:30    Healthy Schools. Mental Health. Challenge of Mental health. The lockdown’s impact major impact on behavioral impact on kids. Strategies to manage behavioral health be a significant challenge as school reopens. Best practices and innovative programs. Presenters/Panelists: Dr. Samata Sharma MD., Chi Kim, invited.

12:15    Lunch

1:15    Accelerated Learning. Mentoring. A summary of mentoring overview.  An inventory of the mentoring organizations, their progress and their possibilities. Be A Part (BAP experience of student engagement. Communities in Schools. CIS representative. Panelists & Presenters Chris Dunaj, Bill Milliken.

2:00   Accelerated Learning. Technology. A summary of transformational technologies for K-12. The Edutech 150 Summary. Analysis of 25 technologies regarded in the investment sector as transformative and to understand how their impact at the student level.  Presenters and panelists: Anna Hall, Richard Culatta, invited, GSV Analyst.

2:45   The School of the Future. CIS (Communities in Schools) Model. Presentation of the proven model to scale nationally. Executives from CIS to present how this works. Presentation on a model that has proven effective and is now positioned to scale. The evolution of CIS Model. The lessons of scaling innovation. Bill Milliken, Rey Saldana invited.

3:30    Break

3:45    Perspectives: Superintendents and Administrators. Challenge facing school leadership and the potential for the Federal funding to help. Business officers and facility managers offer perspectives. Presenters and Panelists: Jeff Wagner. David Lewis (invited)

4:30    Closing Remarks. Summary remarks and observations. Ideas that resonated. Program critique.

5:30    Closing Reception.

Thursday August 5  (optional)

9:00 – 12.             One on one meetings and follow up discussions. There is ample meeting space on the Wharf and we encourage follow up meetings to foster ongoing collaboration