The Altru institute was based on founder’s frustration of the bureaucracy, overlap, inefficiency and turf issues among NGO’s and the non-profit sector, with a strong desire to create an alternative approach that could cut through the waste and bureaucracy and foster collaboration and promote the concept of genuine altruism, at the same time as funding impact-driven solutions. 

Altru Institute is a 501 c 4 Educational non-profit focused on addressing complex global challenges! It is based on the concept of altruism, with a deep belief that the pursuit of materialism for its own sake leads to emptiness rather than happiness and that those who embark on the path of genuine altruism become more deeply fulfilled than those whose focus is based solely on material profit and success! 

Altru’s unique business model combines business with philanthropy. Its core strength is a membership network of like-minded individuals who can advance the professional and commercial interests of other members, at the outcome of which, a percentage of gains in the form of success fee are contributed back to the organization.