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Davos 2022 Annual Meeting


Altru Institute Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos/Klosters will focus on Orchestrating Solutions to the Most Complex Challenges. Davos Annual Meeting will assemble thought leaders to address:

  • Refugees. Is there a better way than camps.

  • Climate. What technologies offer hope for a solutions?

  • Education. Rethinking education post COVID.

  • Blockchain for Humanity. Exploring the power of this technology

We bring together the smartest people we can find on these subjects and to build a collaborative community of innovators.
Altru working sessions will develop action plans for each.

Register to receive the results of these sessions. If in Davos, register to attend a session at our  clubhouse at Davos Platz.


Monday AM May 23,  Refugee Crisis.


SESSION ONE will address the challenges of the Refugee Crisis with an overview of how cities may replace camps, and how technology advances in education and via the Blockchain can make a difference.  The goal of this session is to begin a blueprint on this new approach.  

  • Implementation. Andan Global Cities has been developing a specific action plan to put such a city in motion and will share their findings. 

    • Andan Global Cities.  Chairman Christian Kaelin. 

  • Cities not Camps. Global leaders in this field convened at the SDG Lab on the 22nd and will will provide a summary of findings.

    • Charter Cities.  Executive Director Kurtis Lockhart

    • Refugee Cities. Executive Director Michael Castle Miller

    • Sustainable Development Zone Alliance. Chairperson Joachim Ruecker

  • Education in Refugee Camps. Research shows that the greatest concern for displaced people is the education of their children. This session will discuss strategies to address such with innovative approaches. An introduction to the RISE program.

    • Omnis Education Founder. Jennifer Sutherland.


  • Role of Blockchain Technology. The identity for the displaced is a central challenges. This session will describe what role blockchain can play.




Monday PM. May 23  Climate Challenge.


SESSION TWO will focus on the Altru Climate Project with insights on findings from research of the organizations and initiatives engaged globally. This working session marks the start of the Altru Climate Project.


  • Global Climate Ecosystem Report. Research staff from Altru Institute will present phase I of findings on the key players globally addressing this challenge with technologies and innovations.

  • Carbon Recapture. Carbon Sequestration. Forestation is regarded as one of the greatest opportunities for carbon capture. Other new technologies such as photocatalysis offer hope. Perspectives from scientists and entrepreneurs in this space.

    • Terragrn. Sundar Bharadwaj, CEO

    • Lyte Coatings. Mark Cusak, CEO





Tuesday AM. May 24  Blockchain for Humanity.


SESSION THREE will be a presentation on the potential for Blockchain to address humanitarian issues. The blockchain technology offers significant capacity for impact on a humanitarian level. This session will explore how this is possible with insights from thought leaders in this field.


  • Blockchain's PotentialMedha Parlikar Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer of Casperlabs, and a preeminent scientist in blockchain will offer a perspective.


  • Blockchain for Humanity Awards. The Blockchain for Humanity Award that was founded in 2017. Vojtech Simetka a founder and board member will describe its 5 years in finding projects and the results and the future for recognizing important ideas.


  • Blockchain Use Cases. We will present a variety of use cases that are focused on humanitarian applications.



Tuesday PM May 24.  Climate


SESSION FOUR will examine the role that large institutions can play to accelerate progress. Profile of technologies.


  • Climate Resilience, Sustainability & Peace. The role of Climate and Sustainability in maintaining peace.  Assistant Secretary General of NATO, Giedrimas Jeglinskas will discuss the role of climate and sustainability in maintaining peace in Europe and the research they have been doing in this regard.


  • Scaling Innovation. LG Ventures will discuss their newly launched venture fund and its potential impact on Climate Technology. Patrick Lin, former Head of Autonomous vehicles at Ford Motors. Special Advisor to the White House and director or LG NOVA.


  • Use Cases. How organizations are addressing pioneering investment in Climate with a focus on Electric Vehicles.



Wednesday AM.  May 25th,  New Ventures.  10:00 am. 

SESSION FIVE. Davos attracts many innovator believing they have a breakthrough to change the world.  We give those that seem reasonable 10 minutes to tell us why. We are in the business of finding breakthroughs. Stop by to seek what we've surfaced in Davos during the week. We are accepting submissions continually. Register. 


  • Reinventing learning. The education business is upside down. Are there viable alternatives to conventional school?

  • Media-Driven Learning,. Engagement interactively engaged in relevant resources video content. 

  • Beating COVID. This breakthrough combines a combination of light spectrum 405 and 470 to eviscerate airborne viruses.

  • Universal Vaccine.  Changing the nature of communicable diseases. 

  • Biogradable Plastics.  A discussion of the potential advances in addressing this challenge. 

  • Bamboo. A solution to both energy and climate challenge. 

  • Electric Motorcycles.  Tesla led the way. Why not motorcycles? 

  • Electric Airplanes.  The first stop towards commercial aviation is a small plane. Here now? 



Wednesday PM.  Open Sessions. 

Wednesday afternoon is designed for delegates to attend other events in Davos and to afford time for member follow up meetings and selected new venture presentations.

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