Altru Initiatives


We have identified four significant global challenges where we can add unique value and around which we are building communities. Within each, we have identified specific projects that we hope to have in motion in 2020 which is characterized by Salons in multiple cities and a Summit


For a healthier, happier future, the biosphere and human civilization must coexist in a sustainable way. Sustainability is not limited to economic sectors – it is not limited to industrial, environmental, and energy industries. It is foundational to all aspects of life, and should be built into all industries, from textiles and fashion, to automotives, manufacturing, and construction, to agriculture. We explore the ways that circular methods can transform the world order to benefit the environment, reduce emissions, support human rights, ensure fair wages, and connect philanthropic endeavors worldwide. 


How can technology address global health concerns? We focus on the most interesting advances in diagnostics — such as the sequencing of the human genome to advance personalized medicine, accessible molecular technologies, diagnostic tools to identify cancer, and new approaches to treating addiction and mental health. 


Climate change is a clear threat to humankind. Driven primarily by global warming from fossil fuel emissions, we look at ways to reduce carbon emissions. We explore clean energy innovations to remove carbon from the atmosphere and ways to change the mindset toward sustainable stewardship of our planet. The goal is to explore technologies to provide global energy needs without environmental harm, such as a magnet-powered energy unit with 10x generative power of solar energy


Artificial Intelligence is impacting society at exponential rates. How can we ensure that these advances are positive?  In what ways can A.I. improve quality of life? Robots are displacing workers at significant societal cost. Can workers be re-skilled? Is our education system capable of rapid, radical change?  We explore issues of data sovereignty, cybersecurity, risk-reduction, and social media’s impact on discourse and human relationships.