Our Initiatives


Coming out of Altru Institute’s Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2020 we identified climate as the global challenges where we could add unique value use our Innovation + Collaboration + Communication model to build communities of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to tackle this problem.

The Altru Climate Project strategy was accelerate technology advances to reduce carbon emissions through the collaboration and coordination among those with the will and capacity to make an impact. We were about to launch our “bend the climate curve” initiative when the Pandemic struck, forcing us to put it on hold.

Using the same model we created the Altru Virus Project provides a platform to accelerate progress by fostering a community of scientists, entrepreneurs focused on the discovery of breakthroughs — a network with both the will and capacity for impact.

In March of 2020 we began work on www.thevirusproject. org  a platform for innovations and insight. And December 2020 we hosted an online meeting focused on testing that was then followed by “Back to Schools” conference an in person meeting in April the first in the country utilizing the COVID testing technologies to make such a meeting safe.

The meeting that brought together thought leaders that were successful in using testing to keep schools open provided insight into devastation to communities that didn’t keep schools in session and the tremendous challenge now faced by the education system.  


The historic investment by the Government to help rebuild schools motivated us to organize the Invest in Schools Summit to help schools maximize the effectiveness of this investment.

The K12 Project.

The  foundational of our country is our public education system that has been ravaged by the pandemic.  An already struggling system that has been fighting a school dropout rate and a cycle of poverty/illiteracy for millions of children.

Even with this massive funding the education establishment can’t do this alone. And irrespective of how much money is thrown at this it will fail without the involvement of the entire community. 

We are at a historic opportunity to implement change and innovation to rethink how we educate. We can create a movement organizing best practices and ideas to support educators in this challenge to make schools safe, healthy and to accelerating learning. 

As vast and overwhelming as this task is, it can be addressed. Solutions exist. There are bold ideas that can work. They just need coordinated implementation and an platform for such. That is our opportunity.

We will apply Altru’s collaborative model to support the many organizations working on this critical challenge.  Some of the most talented and experienced in the world are joining us.  We hope you will too.