Initiatives: COVID-19 TESTING


The idea of Altru is to tackle complex global challenges through our simple model of collaboration.


The Coronavirus certainly qualifies as a complex global challenge. COVID-19 has taken lives, shattered lives and devastated entire industries. And the damage will continue. But Altru has a plan to minimize the damage. With your help it will succeed.


Over the past 90 days we’ve assembled a strategy and team to tackle this crisis. The Altru Virus Project will be announced to August 1st. We are now inviting charter members to join this critically important initiative.


We will lead off with our Race to the Test campaign which is anchored by the research we have done to profile the nearly 160 companies working on COVID 19 tests globally.


The development of a rapid and affordable virus test will change everything.  For example, a rapid test could quickly save the hospitality and travel industries. Using our communications platform Altru will foster collaboration among these firms  to accelerate development and production. 


About The Virus Project.  A Communications Platform to Win the Corona War.


Our mission is to create the most trusted information resource for policy makers dealing with COVID. We do this by aggregating and curating the highest quality content and organizing it for ready access. Two keys to our approach:

  • Non-Partisan:  We provide a platform for diverse views and honest discussion that is not currently happening in today's divisive, woke and politically charged media environment that is rife with misinformation.

  • Little Known High Quality Content. We find resources with high quality insight but narrow audiences. We produce a newsletter with highlights summarize the most important for our resource library. 

Our request is modest. A $290 Membership fee (or $29 per month) gives you access to the highest quality COVID information anywhere at


You will also receive our bi-weekly newsletter with updates on the companies and technologies that will shape the future as well as a special report on the future of COVID testing.  Charter members also receive a $500 credit for Altru's Winter Meeting in Davos 2020. 


Register now.  Prior to our launch.  It doesn't require much to make a difference. 

Click on image above to learn more about the COVID Tests Research Report