Global Health

The Altru Global Health Project is an initiative to increase global collaboration among innovators in the field of health and longevity, specifically with regards to cancer and addiction. We focus on the most interesting advances in diagnostics — such as the sequencing of the human genome to advance personalized medicine, accessible molecular technologies, diagnostic tools to identify cancer, and new approaches to treating addiction and mental health. 
We convene on Thursday, January, 23, 2020, in Davos, Switzerland during the Annual Altru Winter Summit to ask:

How can technology address global health concerns?

What are the newest advances in cancer, infectious diseases, mental health, and addiction?

How can we improve the length and quality of human life?

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Understanding the future of cancer and infectious diseases with presentations on latest diagnostic technologies.


Imagining the future of the opioid crisis with fireside chat discussions on integrated approaches to addiction treatment.

Our objective is to assemble a global network of innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs,  financiers, and policy makers to develop a coordinated effort to address health and longevity. 
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