Conference Format

This is a campaign to fix schools in the US. There is a critical leadership role to be filled that requires a combination of the public and private sector. It requires creativity, flexibility. 

Every great journey begins with a single step.  August 4th  is our first step and is essentially an “organizational meeting” for a movement to fix America’s public schools. It will provide the first ecosystem report.

2 day event begins with Tuesday evening reception. Wednesday intensive sessions..  

Germ Security. The summit will also introduce and demonstrate a newly developed mobile COVID PCR rapid testing system. Developed by LumiraDX this mobility to lab based testing systems can bring Rapid PCR testing to the point of care.

Curriculum. Foundational content for understanding how to access and utilize federal funding. Sessions will focus four key areas of understanding

  1. Government Funding. The sources of funding and its distribution.

  1. Safe Schools. Mitigation, ventilation, testing. How schools can continue to function in a pandemic

  2. Healthy Schools. How schools can become a key player in community health and public health.  

  3. Accelerated Learning. The challenges and opportunities for high tech and high touch approaches.

Partnering. Foster relationships among similar profiles.  These special interest groups connect with peers in similar situations and challenges to share ideas on an ongoing basis. We hope that each delegate leave with 3-5 truly useful contacts and long term relationships, and have organized the conference around this idea.