Our core approach is first to assess the “ecosystem” and identify the key players and their current approaches.  Our findings are updated frequently and are summarized in White Papers that are intended to provide a roadmap for advancing toward effective solutions. This research is funded by members. 


The Future of Education: The pandemic has created an opportunity to reimagine and reinvent the failing US education system. Altru Institute's primary focus is on addressing literacy and leveraging new approaches and technologies.

Federal Funds: How are the vast federal funds being applied? Are the funds achieving their goals? What are best practices in both tracking and spending these funds? How do school districts share information? How might they? Where exactly is the money going?


The Future of Energy: What technologies to generate energy without increasing CO2 and harming the environment? 

Capturing CO2: Bend the Climate Curve is a campaign to assemble the most promising technologies that focus on addressing climate change and CO2 reduction.

Circular Economy: Sustainability. There are a vast number of promising innovations in development to create a more sustainable planet.

Venture Philanthropy: The wealth transfer to the next generation can lead to positive societal impact. Will it? What is the extent that wealth can be directed to ideas that make a difference in the human condition? 

Health and Wellness: Mental Wellness post COVID. The lockdown has devastated a generation of children. What strategies can help deal with trauma and other mental health issues that this has caused?