White Papers


Invest in Schools White Papers will identify the core challenges and critical issues that need to be addressed. 

COVID Testing in Schools. Testing can ensuring that schools (and society) never shut down again for reason of a pandemic. A look at the systems/protocols that enabled some schools to stay open safely for teachers, staff and students.

Air Quality and Ventilation.  A look at the critical role ventilation plays in thwarting the spread of airborne pathogens (including influenza) and creating a healthy physical environment for students, teachers and staff.

Human Health Resilience.  A strong immune system is the cornerstone warding off infection. An ever evolving understanding of human biology is providing new insight how to life a healthy life that can give kids a core life skill.  

Mental Health.  The significant mental and emotional health challenges have exacerbated by the pandemic and the lockdown. Ideas to address this challenge that jeopardizes the future of millions of kids. What role for school nurse and therapies.

Transformative Technologies Accelerate Learning. Finding new ways to help kids learn and catch up is or critical important.  Educational technology offers hope to empower students to software, AI, computer assisted learning.

The Power of Mentoring to Give Children a Future. Central to success for kids is personal relationship with a caring adult.  The critical understanding of the potential of this approach and how it can be scaled nationally.

Diagnostics Delivered - Mobile Testing. Advances bring Rapid PCR testing to where people gather and enable the continued functioning of society without lockdowns in times of pandemic. A look at this new service and the technology behind it.

Combining High Touch and High Tech. Two of America’s most respected innovators in education. Michael Moe. GSV Founder offers lesson from two decades investing in education technology. Bill Milliken. CIS (Communities in Schools) founder 50 years experience keeping kids from dropping provides the wisdom that can give us hope.

Transformative Technologies. A look at the K-12. The Edtech 150 is a global survey of transformative technologies in education with a deep dive into the 25 US based companies.