Altru Network: Bringing Efficiency to Business Introductions

Updated: Apr 18

New York, NY --- Altru Institute has announced the launching of the Altru Network, a global network of philanthropically oriented individuals who support the Altru Institute's mission to foster progress through collaboration. The Network will provide an efficient means for members to make valuable connections and provide some critical communications services to give visibility to member projects.

"The right introductions to the right person at the right time change careers and lives, but the process is inefficient. We felt a selective connecting tool among our private network could create great value," said Mariam Azarm, Co-founder and Chairman of the Altru Institute.

"The right introductions to the right person at the right time change careers and lives, but the process is inefficient."

Altru Principals Mariam Azarm and Brett Johnson have built an extraordinary global network. "Formalizing this network and offering efficient mechanisms for fostering introductions is our way of simplifying an otherwise often cumbersome, challenging and time-consuming task. It makes it simpler and faster for us to make introductions and to leverage the full power of this network," said Brett Johnson, Altru Co-founder and CEO.

Network members gain access to four key assets. The first is our Research on the vertical communities and the ecosystem detailing who the key players are in each sector. The second is packaging. We produce a feature story on the member's project and a biographical profile.

The third benefit is distribution, as the article is sent out broadly in the Altru Network News, posted on the News and Information site. The bio appears on a member-only section of the site.

The fourth is the Network itself. Members are invited to events and conferences and receive access to a partnering app that connects them with other members.

Together these informational assets accelerate the process of knowledge and understanding, thereby fostering collaboration among our members with complimentary interests.

Communities are being developed in Education, Climate, Environment, and Blockchain sectors. Within each, Altru Institute Curators are focused on identifying the broad range of organizations and initiatives in each area.

"Our annual meeting in Davos is the ultimate international gathering of changemakers and thought leaders. It provides us with the ideal setting to aggregate the best and brightest organizations, thinkers and ideas to address critical challenges," said Brett Johnson, CEO of the Network.

The Network will be formally launched at the time of our Annual Meeting in Davos on May 22nd, 2022.

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