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Altru Institute to Form Ukraine Project

(photo credit CNN)

The Altru Ukraine Project was formed to foster collaboration among those aiding the country, with Research White Papers, etc., to provide insight and ideas to end the war and rebuild the country. Our aim is to gather, collate and distribute information on planned development projects and possibilities for partners. Altru Ukraine will be an information clearinghouse for those seeking to collaborate.

The Altru Ukraine Project developing strategies for the efficient rebuild of Ukraine after the war ends. With the engagement of such groups as the Ukraine Venture Capital Association it’s a consortium of those already engaged. Three pillars of the effort.

1. Humanitarian. Provide a connecting point to improve efficiency. (WeBuild)

2. War Effort. Technologies that could help near term. Batteries, processors, energy.

3. Rebuild. Repurposing facilities. Heavy industry steel, shipping. Efficient rebuilt effort.

Multiple sessions are already planned for Davos 2023, and White Papers being developed to support each pillar.

  • Investing in Ukraine Now. The challenges of investing in a country at war offer unique opportunities. Real estate values are at pennies on the dollar in a society poised for rapid growth and positioned to bring stability to a country. Andrey Kolodyuk.

  • Preparing for the end. As it did in 1991, Russia will collapse again. Will the West be ready this time? This discussion will be around the economic administration of Russia, which will be in shambles as Putin may suffer a similar fate as Hitler. Invited guest is Oleksiy Chernyshov, CEO of Naftogaz, the largest state-owned company in Ukraine. From exploration to distribution, the firm is Involved in the full cycle of oil and gas, and employs over 50,000 people.

  • Defunding Putin. We believe that this only ends when funding for Putin’s war machine is disrupted. How does the wet interrupt his revenue stream cut off the funding spigot? Invited guests include Bill Browder, author of Red Notice, based on his experience as a major investor in Russia, who was was then deported by Putin.

  • Fund the Rebuild. Where will the money come from? How much from Russian Putin assets. To what extent can these assets be found? To what extent can they be expropriated? What is the legal precedent? Will some outside entity lead the “Economic Administration” of Russia?


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