Global Blockchain Summit: Technology for Humanitarianism

Blockchain is a potentially transformative technology, and the extent to which it is applied to addressing the great challenges the world faces will impact generations to come. Anchored by our Altru Blockchain Project where we create platforms for these ideas to succeed and for connections to foster, Altru Institute will be promoting this technology for humanitarian uses at our Blockchain Technology Summit and Awards.

The first of its kind, Altru's Blockchain Technology Summit will showcase technologies that are most capable of addressing significant humanitarian challenges. It will occur in various locations throughout New York City, including the United Nations. The event will begin the afternoon of September 14th with workshops and will be followed by a reception and private dinners. These workshops will consist of nine one-hour sessions in topics of Education, Finance, Identity, Data Sovereignty, Governance, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Environment. On September 15th the most promising blockchain projects will be presented in the form of short documentaries which will also be streamed globally.

Collaboration among those advancing technology to address humanitarian challenges offers the greatest hope to address complex global challenges.

The Blockchain Awards, which will take place at the Blockchain Technology Summit, were created to identify and recognize technologies with the greatest potential for humanitarian impact. The finalists will be those selected by a global network of experts. Members will have the opportunity to meet the management and principals of the companies and projects during networking receptions and at private partnering meetings organized by Altru during the week. Private dinners for Finalists, Sponsors and Altru Members will be hosted by UN Ambassadors, each of which will be focused on specific areas to foster relationships among experts.

Sponsorship opportunities will help us solve problems and receive permanent recognition for helping create an institution to impact future generations. The Summit will connect the innovation and entrepreneurship of the private sector with financiers and governments across the world to achieve real progress. Sponsors will build significant goodwill, enabling them to rise totop of their peer group for sustainability and engagement.

Tickets to the summit will range from $500 to $2500, depending upon the type of delegate and the level of participation in the various programs. For more information, please email

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