Our Approach



We start by identifying the major challenges that are affecting our world today. So far, we have focused on sustainability, energy technology, and health. We then conduct an inventory of all those engaged in these field.  

Who are the key players?

Which thought leaders are making the most impact?

What new innovations are changing the market?

All those active in our initiatives are requested to participate by completing the brief form below. In exchange for doing so, Altru will provide periodic updates on the project and a $200 credit that can be used to purchase the Global Ecosystem Report.


We build the Global Ecosystem Report, a database of the people and organizations most capable of having an impact, expected to be completed in January 2020.  


The report is intended to help identify all those working on our key initiatives in order to foster communications and collaboration on progress. By aggregating the best initiatives for these key themes, our reports link together those who are truly making a difference. 

We also use the Altru Innovation Platform, where we organize and disseminate information through our newssite, newsletter, and databases.


These reports serve as innovation barometers, gauging where we stand and where we can go. They will be published and housed at the United Nations. 


We build a community of key players who are effecting global change. 


The community leads the movement in the collective process for sustainable change. By working together, they can create something more important, more global, more impactful, than they would be able to by working individually.

We meet year-round in events, summits, fireside chats, and curated discussion groups in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Davos. 

Our salons bring 15 to 30 members together to engage fellow thought leaders in intimate conversations. 

Our Winter Summit brings world leaders to presentations on our researched initiatives. 

Our Investor Conferences showcase and fund the most promising companies, technologies, and projects we've identified

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