Altru Institute creates efficiency through simple communications and collaboration. We identify big complicated challenges, then set about to improve the performance of all those addressing these problems by fostering improved communications and intelligence among each.


Our approach:

Research. Understand all who are involved in any specific problem.

Database. Build a database of the people and organizations most capable of having an impact.

Website. Create a repository for organizing information and a platform of communications and connectivity located at

Newsletter. Provide a communications tool to keep the database of players informed as to important developments.

Meetings. Bring the players together regularly at conferences, Summits, and Salons throughout the world.

the formats for convening. 

  • Salons. These evening events are held at the Altru Loft (midtown east) and other private residences throughout the United States, where typically 15 to 30 members attend to hear thought leaders lead conversations in a relaxed setting on important topics. 

  • Annual Winter Meeting in Klosters/Davos Switzerland over the course of the week. This is a rare opportunity to present the curated and well-researched initiatives and host a range of programming at the same time as connecting to build long term collaborative relationships with a range of global leaders.

  • Investor Conferences. These are showcases and networking oriented intended to help the most promising companies, technologies, and projects related to Altru Initiatives.  Cancer initiative has held three such meetings since early 2018.

  • Reports. An annual report to global leaders about the findings and progress. This report is presented at the Altru Institute Winter meeting in Klosters/Davos Switzerland and at other meetings throughout the year. Our objective is to create the most respected and well researched annual report with metrics.