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The concept behind Altru is simple: Foster collaboration and communication among thought leaders addressing complex global challenges. 


Altru Climate Project.  Address the climate crisis by focusing on technologies and innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as energy alternatives, conservation, and sustainable practices. The Altru Climate Project was formed to address the global climate and energy crisis. Our view is that the only means to progress is to compress the time from invention to broad adoption of breakthrough technologies. We are building a platform for technological solutions. 

Altru Ukraine Project was formed in partnership with the Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.  Formed to help its economy become war-resilient and prepare for an efficient rebuild. The Altru Ukraine Project orchestrates Western investment and conducts research. Our Landmines, Drones & AI Report describes our strategy to eliminate the landmines that have contaminated 1/3rd of Ukraine’s farmland, jeopardizing global food security.

Health and Wellness. Anxiety and depression have led to record levels of suicide among youth. Our Mental Health initiative will present technology that can deal with this challenge at scale.  


Throughout the year, our meetings, salons and research reports help build communities of changemakers focused on specific challenges.  Our efforts are in Climate and Energy, Ukraine and Health and Wellness. In each area we are at the forefront with innovative solutions.


The Altru approach is to assemble the people and innovative solutions that address these challenges. 

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