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Reimaging Global Health and Leadership

Altru has been taking increased activity in the filed of mental health and brought together a group of global leaders on this subject at the United Nations.

Entitled Reimagining The Future of Mental Health, Leadership and Wellbeing. Unlocking Our Infinite Mind’s Potential through AI, Neuroscience and Global Health will be the focus of a May 31st meeting at the United Nations.

Organized by We The Planet, Altru Institute, Brain Fitness Foundation (BFF) the event will bring together a group of dedicated experts in the fields of Global Mental Health, Leadership, Science, AI, Entertainment, Media, Governance, and Business to launch the world’s first Global Mental Health Roundtable.

The intent is to create the Braintrust to create a Global Mental Health Day for Leadership, Hope, Faith and Wellbeing resolution. Altru founder Mariam Azarm in collaboration with  Kunal Sood, Founder of We The Future and We The Planet pulled this event together in record time.

Special guest Mrs. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau will describe key challenges in mental health and best practices for growth and positive change, delving into the science behind brain health and our unique human emotional signatures. Ms. Trudeau recently published a book, Closer Together was recently released.

Kunal Sood will lead the program beginning with an overview of how it can contribute to sustaining peace, and what is being done to facilitate the inclusion of mental health in sustaining peace efforts.

The event will provide concrete examples as to how mental health is implemented on the ground, interspersed with experts and pioneers sharing their lived experiences — recognizing the relevance of global mental health as a universal need, and the importance of this recognition in public policy objectives and related outcomes globally.

Speakers include. Jim Doty, Founder of Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.  Dr. Anna Yusim, Yale Mental Health, and Spirituality Center Ryan Haddon, certified Life Coach, Meditation and Breathwork. Gail Gross, nationally recognized family, child development, and human behavior expert, author, and educator Tejpaul Bhatia, Axiom Space Chief Revenue Officer,  Dr. Vijay Vad, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College Fellowship, Sports Medicine, Dayle Haddon, Founder WomenOne and UNICEF Ambassador.  Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Brain Resource Center Founder, Paul Dalio, screenwriter and director, Touched with Fire, a film which premiered at SXSW that was inspired by his struggles overcoming bipolar disorder. 

“This subject has never been more relevant than today in this troubled world of conflict. New approaches are bringing together the thought leaders is how we create progress.” said, Mariam Azarm, Altru Institute founder. Azarm 25 years working in the Security Council and who was one of two UN staff in the room when the SDGs were being drafted.

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