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New York City

New York Climate Week 

Altru will again host its NYC Climate Week meeting.  The Investment in Climate Tech is an Impact Forum hosted by Altru Institute and Atlas Capital for those building and funding breakthrough climate technologies who are in NYC during Climate Week. 


On Wednesday afternoon September 25th thought leaders will gather to discuss the role of private capital in decarbonization and technologies that can accomplish such.


Family offices, institutional investors, and technologists discuss on the best ways to find and fund climate solutions. Discussions and presentations  to include:


  • Future of Impact Investing. An overview of opportunity

  • Climate Tech Entrepreneurs. Recommendations to achieve success.

  • Role of Family Offices. Shared experiences in climate challenge.

  • Hydrogen. What potential for the Energy Transition. 


The technical sessions initiate the formation of advisory councils of experts, innovators, and financers in areas of the climate and energy challenge. Summaries from each session will be available in educational modules, ecosystem reports, and a database of resources.


We will be meeting across from Rockefeller Center from 2 pm to 5 pm, followed by a reception. Join us to learn about the big challenges and possible solutions in a relaxed setting. Apply to receive registration information.


The 2023 meeting Agenda. 



2:30  Introductions. Djoann Fal,  Atlas Capital; Brett Johnson, Altru Institute

3:00  Future of Impact Investing. Pablos Holman

3:30  Climate Tech Entrepreneurs. Panel discussion 

4:00  Family Offices Experiences. Panel discussion 

4:45  Carbon Markets. Panel discussion

5:15   Future of US Solar. Panel discussion

5:30  Reception 

Session Descriptions 

These sessions aim to address these challenging questions with direct insight from those close or with a unique perspective. These are interactive small group discussions led by an expert typically from the Altru Adivsory Council. 

The Future of Impact Investing.   

Future Tech founder Pablos Holman is a futurist with a unique ability to distill complex technology into practical tools. He has worked on AI for stock market trading; building spaceships at Blue Origin for Jeff Bezos; the world’s smallest PC and 3D printers at Makerbot. Working with Nathan Myhrvold at the Intellectual Ventures Lab a machine to suppress hurricanes; a nuclear reactor powered by nuclear waste. With over 100 patents he is currently building FutureTech Venture fund to make 100 investments in breakthrough technologies

Carbon Credits. Carbon Markets. Challenging Times.
Carbon markets, offsets, credits, cap & trade are facing severe headwinds. Growing concerns and reports of fraud and greenwashing have the industry reeling. Major buyers pulling out of the market. What went wrong? What is needed now? Can it still play a critical role in addressing GHG emissions? Discussion led by Phillip Kopp and Stephanie Potter.

Future of US Solar Energy. 
A massive of capital, much in the form of US Government Incentives  (IRA) is going into Domestic Solar manufacturing. Is solar the solution? Is the energy industry fighting against solar? To what extent does the industry thwart progress? tax policy impacts the economics of the business. Discussion led by Brett Johnson.


The Role of Family Offices.

Shared experiences in climate challenge. Family offices have had an increasingly important role as there has been a massive wealth transition to next generation of family members who have grown up in a higher level of environmentally and social consciousness.  How are families approaching this? How are they measuring success. Djoann Fal will lead the discussion.

Climate Tech Entrepreneurs. 

The experience to achieve success.  A group of talented entrepreneurs share their experience raising capital to address. This session will offer some lessons learned in the process of securing capital for climate challenges. Discussion led by Djoann Fal

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