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The goal of the Altru Climate Project is to move the climate crisis needle through curation and collaboration.  Altru fosters solutions to this great challenge with our communications and collaboration platform. 

Our approach is to find and scale breakthrough technologies from our broad network of entrepreneurs and climate visionaries, and to compress the time from invention to adoption to bend the climate curve. Solutions do exist, and we are here to see that groundbreaking innovations gain the visibility needed to scale.  See our Investment Thesis.  

We’ve organized integrated communications tools that provide a platform for ideas to to connect promising technologies with those who can help them lift off and scale.  Key components:  


  • Research to find the breakthroughs.  Global Climate Impact Rankings. 

  • Communications platform. Website and Climate Investor Newsletter. 

  • Conferences to foster transactions and relationships. 

Climate Technology Investment Forums -  During Climate Week in NYC Altru hosts an investment conference. 3rd Annual will be September 25th. 


The programming  concentrates on the role of private capital and family offices in advancing decarbonization and will include presentations by fast growing companes. 

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