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Altru International Leadership Program


Training and education on global affairs with a focus on understanding of this large complex organization of the United Nations and how to navigate it.

The curriculum provides a structured study of how the UN functions utilizing Altru Institute’s deep connections and access to the inner working of the UN's various organs. The result is a foundational skill set and expertise for those focused on international business, politics, global leadership within the context of the UN’s human rights and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

It also offers core research and communications training that fully leverages advances in technology and artificial intelligence to provide practical skills to develop and lead complex initiatives.

The Leadership Program customizes curriculums focused on the specific interests of each fellow

International Executive Program 


The Program gives executives at any stage in their career training on how to utilize this resource on a more immediate basis by focuses on what resources currently exist that can advance their organization’s mission. It provides a means to build relationships within the UN that provide long term benefit.

Future Leaders Program 

The program targeted at graduate  students committed to careers in international business or politics. It provides fundamental knowledge that can serve them throughout their career. This can include the authoring of published research to provide credentials to accelerate their chosen career path.

International Executive Program 

Future Leaders Program 

The Altru Institute International Program

is highly selective and is for those committed to global affairs.

Those selected are expected to make meaningful contributions to the body of knowledge. During the program, students will work with groups such as the Bar Association for International Governmental Organization (BAIGO) on topics including Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Human Rights and Justice. They will become active in research and analysis in such areas of Health, Environment, Refugees, Climate, Energy, US-Russia, US-China, Health, and Technology. 

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