Energy and Climate

Climate change is a clear threat to humankind. Driven primarily by global warming from fossil fuel emissions, we look at ways to reduce carbon emissions.
The Altru Energy and Climate Project is an initiative to increase global collaboration among innovators in the field of clean energy. We explore clean energy innovations to remove carbon from the atmosphere and ways to change the mindset toward sustainable stewardship of our planet. The goal is to explore technologies to provide global energy needs without environmental harm, such as a magnet-powered energy unit with 10x generative power of solar energy.
We convene on Wednesday, January, 22, 2020, in Davos, Switzerland during the Annual Altru Winter Summit to ask:

What are the best technologies and available solutions that generate energy without consuming fossil fuels?


What ways can we transform energy storage systems and battery technologies to decrease energy waste?

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Creating Energy

Presentations by innovators in renewable energy creation and learning about the newest technological advancements in the field.

Storing Energy

Understanding how and why battery storage technology holds the key to solving the climate change problem and learning the latest advances.

Our objective is to assemble a global network of innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs,  financiers, and policy makers to develop a coordinated effort to address alternative energy sources. 
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