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Climate Change Challenge 

Finding the best ideas. Alternative energy. Conservation, Carbon recapture. Circular economy. 

Our starting point is to fully understand what is currently being done and assemble the critical information. Who is in charge? What are we doing? What should we be doing? 

Our goal is global database of solutions and an ecosystem report that provides a blueprint and roadmap to progress.  

May 23rd a preliminary outline and strategy will be presented in Davos. We invite thought leaders to offer their input at this working group session.  

We intend to profile the activity of leading institutions in US and worldwide. Who is keeping track? Who is funding? How much has been invested? What is working. What is not?  

The objective is to identify those who have solutions and to be sure they have the resources needed. Including but not limited to technical, financial, political and cultural. 

We will also be presenting our plans for a Global Climate Summit in New York, September 2022 and Davos Climate Summit June 2023.     


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Our objective is to assemble a global network of innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs,  financiers, and policy makers to develop a coordinated effort to address the climate challenge. 
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