Altru Institute’s mission is to address large complex challenges by fostering collaboration among those with the will and capacity to make an impact.  

Our goal is to identify and assemble the bold innovators and financiers and empower these changemakers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

Altru Institute Annual Winter Summit 

Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum is a unique place. Altru offers its members a highly curated experience to participate in this unusual global gathering of thought leaders. In addition to identifying events for our members to attend during the week, Altru offers programming focused on understanding complex challenges.

We scan the globe to identify original approaches to major challenges in such areas as: 

  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy. Addressing the externalities to understand true cost.

  • Energy and Climate. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere and finding new ways to generate energy.

  • Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Society. Addressing the impact of AI, robots and the future of work. 

  • Refugees and Immigration. Finding integrated policy alternatives for the 60 million displaced.  


Big Problems. Bold Solutions. 

Altru offers a platform for new projects, technologies, and strategies that address challenges. Some of these projects include: 

  • Removing Plastics in the Ocean

  • Advances in the Treatment of Cancer

  • Addressing the Opioid Epidemic 

  • Alternative Energy Sources

  • Advancing Women in Developing Countries

  • Immigration and the Refugee Crisis

  • Blockchain’s Solutions for Humanitarian Needs

  • Cyber Security and the Grid

  • Removing Polarization from Politics


Each selected topic will receive editorial coverage in our newsletter, have a dedicated landing page, and be promoted via social media through partners. The objective is to reach those active in these fields throughout the world. 

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Here is a short video of Altru Winter Summit in Davos 2019