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2020 Winter Summit Highlights

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Thank you to all those who participated in our 2020 Winter Summit. We accomplished our mission to bring together global thought leaders and identify the most effective, impactful ways to address complex global challenges. We are excited to update you on our time in Davos, and on the positive outcomes that we are bringing with us into the year ahead.

After 3 years of development, Altru is now positioned to expand and realize its unique potential. We see 2020 as our breakout year. With an ever-expanding network of global, altruistic influencers who believe in the power of collaboration, a convening capacity for intimate Salons in New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Davos, and a growing communications platform, we work to steadily refine the Altru model. We continue to look for benefactors and impact investors who embrace our mission and approach.

We truly appreciate all the leaders that came together to curate our sessions, contribute to our panels, and participate in our discussions. We welcomed more than 200 guests through our programming and facilitated new relationships among our delegates and among the greater Davos community. We hosted sessions, receptions, and banquets, and provided a platform for private meetings and discussions.

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful connectivity in Davos/Klosters. You have a very special place with Altru." 

Andrew Mitchell

In addition to our full programming, we supported the launch of Canopy's action plan, SURVIVAL, that would conserve 30% of the world's forests by 2030, and hosted a reception for Peace on Snow, a new initiative that combines elite access to the WEF with skiing, fun, and traditional Swiss therapeutic care.


We also launched the Altru Climate Project, a global network of scientists, entrepreneurs, incubators, and universities that produces a comprehensive database of promising technologies in the field.


Climate change and sustainability were central concerns at the WEF, catapulting to the forefront of international dialogue, yet with little coordination, communication, or collaboration among the key players. We believe that the Altru model of finding and scaling the best technologies can help solve this challenge. We will showcase this model during the Altru Climate Technology Summit at the United Nations on June 17-18, 2020.

"The launching pad and meeting space that Altru provided during our Davos experience was very generous. Having a quiet space at Altru to present the action plan for a 10-year build-up of mills around the world to make pulp for paper and viscose with alternative fibers to wood from ancient and endangered forests was excellent. The plan was very well received."

 Valerie Langer

We would like to give special thanks to the Minderoo Foundation and Fashion 4 Development. With their sponsorships, we were able to host sessions by Jeanine BalloneKaren KorponaiEdwina DunnSamata Sharma, M.D., Dick Simon, Robert Reich, and Hans Martin Heierling. We welcomed panelists such as Bill TaiAndrew Forrest, Rick DoblinRachel YehudaNicole RycroftNiall Dunne, Terri Apter, and Giusy Bettoni, and guests such as KhaliyaHelena Helmersson, and Stephen Rodrick.


We hope that our Clubhouse at Davos Platz offered a respite for all our members and that the beautiful balconies and mountain views in the Member Room offered a special space for thoughtful dialogue.

Please help us build our chronicle of the 2020 Winter Summit. To all those who attended our sessions and visited our Clubhouse, we ask that you share with us any photographs, memories, lessons-learned, or exciting new projects.

With your feedback, we hope to build a webpage that celebrates our time in Davos.

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