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Two Big Problems. Two Powerful Solutions. Altru Annual Summit Davos 2022

The world is changing dramatically. A pandemic and now a war. Declining confidence in US leadership, media, and the established institutions. Globalism dead. Democracy on decline. Authoritarianism on the rise. A world coming unglued.

This upheaval creates opportunity for new approaches. Collaboration among the innovators and change makers has never more important. Creative ideas and solutions exist. What appears in short supply is leadership. Or maybe not.

That will be the focus of Altru Institute’s Annual meeting May 22 -25 in Davos Switzerland. Building a platform for those with bold ideas to share their plans.

Two Big Problems

#1 Refugees. This already big problems just got dramatically worse. It is time for bold solutions. Why not refugee cities to replace refugee camps? Use education technologies and the blockchain to give the millions of displaced the chance at a productive life.

#2 Climate. Our focus will be understanding the current status. There is currently no one place to find the technologies that offer hope and to develop such in preparation for Global Climate Summit at the United Nations in September and in Davos again in June 2023.

Two Powerful Tools

#1 Technology - Blockchain. This transformative technology has vast potential. We will be learning about which ideas can be applied to maximize Blockchain impact on humanitarian causes.

#2 Funding - Venture Philanthropy. Better understanding of impact investing and strategies to identify the worthiest projects will be essential to funding the long-term capital needs of such projects.

Altru’s simple unique model is to aggregate and curate the best information in order to build a database and ecosystem report profiling the key players and how they are connected. Davos is an efficient means to recruit those key actors to build communities the best and brightest.

The world is at an inflection point. The future is perilous. The best we can do is to bring together those that can make a difference. The famous quote applies “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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