Monday May 23rd. 

AM.  Refugee Challenge.

RISE Project. An innovative attempt to address the primary concern of parents that is education. This new approach is developing a pilot project for application for Ukraine. see post. 10:00


Andan Global Cities. We will delve into the Refugee Crisis with a presentation from the founder of Andan Foundation which leading this effort. Founder and Chairman Kalin.  see post 10:30


Cities not Camps. We have managed to put ourselves in the middle of the elite community tackling the Refugee crisis with the core idea of building Cities not Camps. This distinguished group convening at the SDG Lab on Sunday will provide a summary of findings. see post 11:15


  • Charter Cities.  Executive Director.

  • Refugee Cities.

  • Special Development Zones.

Monday May 23rd. 

PM.  Climate Challenge

Climate Ecosystem Report. Monday afternoon a preliminary report on our initial findings and our strategy to create the comprehensive global ecosystem report on the addressing the climate challenge.  See Post.  1:30


Report is an attempt to create a complete inventory of the key actors globally addressing the climate challenge.  Altru Research staff will present initial findings and seek input from. Working session. This is phase I of the report.


Global Climate Summits. A discussion and presentation of organizing in New York at the UN. See post.  2:30


Climate and Environment Use cases. Climate innovations and technologies.


  • Terragrn. Sundar

  • Lyte Coatings. Mark Cusak

  • Others to TBD. (selection committee reviewing and selecting up until may 20)


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