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What new approaches and solutions exist for rebuilding the shattered lives of millions of the displaced? 

Could refugee cities replace refugee camps and offer a superior model and new paradigm for an ever-increasing stream of people seeking to escape violence, oppression, and climate change that offers empowerment to both its residents and host communities?   

Who are the players in this movement? What are the political, financial, and cultural challenges? Can we create highly prosperous and successful communities and if so, exactly how? 

The Altru Institute will bring together thought leaders from around the world on May 23rd in Davos to share ideas and find collaborative strategies around this concept.   

The session will include a summary Report from the organizers Cities not Camps meeting at the SDG Lab of the previous day and a presentation of the Andan Global City Project

Approaches such as Special Economic Zones (SEZs); Charter Cities or Free Cities; Free Private Cities and Sustainable Development Zones (SDZs) 

The session will also address education for refugees and the role technology such as the blockchain can play. 

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