Unique benefits. Information, contacts, and insights to lead a rich and rewarding life.  

Davos Annual Meeting. Altru offers a highly curated experience to participate in the global gathering of thought leaders. During this week, concurrent the World Economic Forum, we bring together the world's most capable and providing a platform for their best ideas and solutions.  The Clubhouse provides members and guests with the ideal operating base for private meetings, receptions, and programming.

Impact Investment Meetings. Held monthly in New York City, offer an opportunity to hear from the management of promising investment opportunities identified by Altru’s network. Enables investors an opportunity to see the technologies and companies shaping the future and to meet other impact investors.

Covid Impact Investment Conference. The first conference featuring companies and technologies addressing the coronavirus and pandemics is scheduled for September. Delegates will be tested for COVID -19 as part of their registration fee. The conference will also employ the latest technologies to provide a covid-free environment reducing the need for masks and social distancing.

Altru News Coverage.  This newsletter reaches upwards of 5,000 influencers monthly. It profiles the innovative programs of the Institute and the interesting and inspired people engaged. We provide editorial coverage to our members and their projects.

Virus Project Membership.  Virus Project provides research and critical information enabling its members to survive, adapt and prosper in the post-covid world.  We scan the globe to deliver vetted information. We source innovations ranging from tests, treatments, vaccines, to accelerate progress for the best and brightest entrepreneurs and scientists globally to connect and collaborate. We produce valuable Research Reports that provide insight into the future:  

  • Diagnostics and Anti-body Tests for COVID-19. Testing will be a vast multi billion industry as much of population will regularly test to determine their status. Hundreds of firms are working now to bring test to the market. We will soon publish research on 76 companies that have applied for approval at the US FDA.

  • Germ Security. We see this as a vast and rapidly expanding market as virtually all retail establishments and businesses must make employees and patrons feel safe. Advances in systems to make Indoor air near Coronavirus-free such will include ultraviolet light and air flow management systems as well as surfaces that can be virus killing.

  • Immune Health. Ultimately each person has great influence over whether they get COVID-19 and how they react once infected. Immune health will emerge as people pay increased attention to what they eat and the chemicals that they ingest. Research to analysis 9 different key components to building immune health as well as tools to measure such.

Other reports in 2020. The PPE Marketplace. Telemedicine. The Future of Hospitals. Drug Therapies from Artificial Intelligence. Contact Tracing. The New Health Delivery Model.

Monthly Salons. These salons held monthly in New York bring in thought leaders to discuss the important ideas of the day for the Altru membership. Designed to be small in nature to provide sufficient time for networking among the many talented Altru members.



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