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Davos 2023


At its 2023 Altru Institute Meeting in Davos the following sessions were held.  



11:00  Orientation.  Session and short presentations on major technologies and projects being advanced within and through the Altru Network.  Introductions to members and delegates. Overview of 2023 Strategy. 


3:45  Graphene Energy Storage. This will be a discussion on this breakthrough in energy storage, which could greatly impact the future of renewable energy. 

5:00 Reception


1:00.  Investing in Ukraine Now.  Discussion on the opportunities in Ukraine. Discussion led by Ukrainian Venture Capitalist Andrey Koloduk. President of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. The session will also introduce the formation of the Altru Ukraine Project. 

3: 00 Waste to Energy.  Steel Production. The capacity to take waste and turn it into useful fuels represents a significant opportunity. This session will provide a broad overview and explanation of the various approaches. (see story)


9:30 Technology Showcase. Short presentations on promising companies. Presenting companies include: 


  • CHAR Technologies. Waste to Energy, Hydrogen and Green Coal production. Secondary financing. $20 million.​

  • TwingTec. Wind power drones. Zurich early stage. Series A of CHF 5 million and 25 million follow on.

  • Mint Energy. Project Financing for a battery facility to manufacture Graphene. $30 million

  • The Water Company.  A biobased and biodegradable water and non-carbonated soda bottle to change the PET bottle industry.

  • Verseon. Groundbreaking research to promising novel drug candidates for cardiovascular disease.

  • Blue Water Vaccines. The development of a Universal Vaccine. 

Other companies and projects to be added as nominated by members from firms in Davos during the week.  To receive updates, send note to

1:00 Meta Presentation. will present its Web 3.0 advances. This technology is designed to meet and surpass  the challenges of distance, and can create a virtual and augmented reality. 

3:00 Ukraine Outlook. Join Altru Institute for a fireside type chat with the CEO of Ukraine’s largest state-owned enterprise, Naftogaz, to discuss the challenges of managing and delivering in times of war, with an insider’s outlook for going forward. ​Brett Johnson and Andrey Kolodyuk to moderate.

4:00 Defund Putin. How does the west interrupt Russia's revenue stream? Russia funds the wars with sales of $600 million per day of oil and gas.  A potential and powerful deterrent for the Russian war machine is to increase US production of oil until suitable sources of green energy are available to all people, everywhere.


Thursday is dedicated to follow-up sessions resulting from meetings held earlier in the week. Check back for information as it is added. 

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