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Investing in Ukraine Now

As the country is being bombed daily, the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors are raising historic levels of capital in preparation of what will be an epic rebuild not seen since World War II. But what about those that invest now? How much greater will today's investors be rewarded than those that wait until the war’s conclusion? And what exactly are the risks? The opportunities?

Leading this discussion will be Andrey Kolodyuk veteran venture capitalist, founding chairman of the Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and a WEF YGL who also initiated and coorginased the Ukraine House Davos 2017-2020. Andrey Kolodyuk is in a unique position to lay out the possibilities for investors and the impact community at this historic moment.

This session marks the launch of the Altru Ukraine Project, and a series of research reports identify investment opportunities in this war-torn country.

Space is limited. Attendance is by application only. All applicants will receive a summary transcript of the discussion and information on the Ukraine Project and its efforts to orchestrate humanitarian relief, assist in the war effort and prepare for the environmentally sound rebuild of the country.

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