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Altru Ukraine Project to Tackle Landmines.

A swath of Ukraine as large as the state of Florida has been contaminated and compromised with millions of mines placed by the Russian military since the start of the conflict.

The human and economic cost is staggering. The Ukraine Project has commissioned the Ukraine Investment Monitor to research to develop a strategy to demine and reclaim the vast amount of land that has been rendered toxic as a result of the Russian invasion.

Combine drones and AI for safe, economical removal of landmines

Landmines, Drones & AI Project will aggregate a global network of experts, technologists and policymakers to explore how to best attack this problem. Hosting a series of webinars and summits in Davos, New York, Kyiv and Washington. Will produce a research report and a directory.

"There is a tremendous amount of activity and innovation happening but not enough collaboration to deal with this global scourge," according to Altru Institute Fellow Terence Lee, who became intimate with the problem while serving in the conflict.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Drone technology may offer ways to remove landmines at a far lower cost and risk than current means of mine removal, which can range from a few hundred to a few thousand per mine. This is a time-consuming and dangerous task handled by highly trained personnel with significant casualty rates.

A single hectare of land (2.5 acres) can contain hundreds of small anti-personnel mines and larger anti-tank mines. There are wide varieties of mines. A light plastic mine that is insidious is the PFM-1 (pictured) a light mine that is light and dropped via aircraft. Its design wing flutters down softly. These mines can remain for years and maim or kill a pedestrian or a child playing soccer.

This research into combining drones and AI to address this challenge and provide an economical and safe way to remove landmines land is a hopeful development. Ukraine is already likely the epicenter of AI and Drone technology and will likely lead the way. In the case of drones, it is a matter of survival. In the case of AI, they are already at the forefront.

Advanced programming and technical talent position Ukraine to be a leader in the AI and Drone space.

Ukraine Monitor Researchers have begun a search to identify any and all key players, and technologies. A report and ecosystem report can accelerate the development of AI – Drone technology to demine the region. For more information contact

NOTES: which was banned by a treaty in 1972 signed by over 100 countries but not signed by Russia or the US

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