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How to Stop the Russian War Machine

(photo credit Giorgio Galeotti)

Many are of the mind that that this war will only end if and when funding for Putin’s war machine is disrupted. How does the west interrupt Russia's revenue stream, or crimp the funding spigot? Russia has been funding this war through the sale of $600 million per day of oil and gas. Countries are forced to buy from them simply for a lack of an immediate alternative energy source. A potential and powerful deterrent for the Russian war machine is to

increase US production of oil until suitable sources of green energy are available to all people, everywhere.

FTL launched its Energy Fund in 2022 to fight dependency on Russian fossil fuels. Their aim is to provide an alternative source of oil and gas, while 'green' renewables are still in the growth stage, and global markets demand ever-increasing energy supplies. FTL hopes to make this contribution to securing a peaceful future for all humans. Without exception.

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