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Is there a Future for Clean Steel?

The production of steel generates nearly 8% of GHC emissions and is the largest contributor to global warming. Altru Institute researchers are in a hunt to identify the best ideas to address this challenge.

To understand the production of steel we have invited a scientist who has spent the better part of a decade looking for new, low carbon approaches to generating the needed energy to manufacture steel. Leading the discussion will be Andrew White, CEO CHAR Technologies which has developed a technology called High Temperature Pyrolysis which has produced steel using biochar coal from wood waste that has shown to reduce carbon intensity of steel by nearly 50%.

With the support of the Canadian Government CHAR are now building its first facility to provide the energy to fuel a steel plant in Ontario Canada and will replace coal in the manufacture of steel.

This session marks the launch of the Clean Steel Project, and a series of research reports identify best ideas to reduce the levels of Greenhouse Gast Emissions. GHG.

Space is limited. Attendance is by application only. All applicants will receive a summary transcript of the discussion and information on the Clean Steel Project. REGISTER

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