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Altru Climate Investor Salon. Breakthroughs in Wind and Solar

Sept 21 in New York, and in conjunction with the New York Climate Week Altru hosted the first in a series of Investor Salons to identify promising technologies breakthrough technologies to address the climate and energy crisis.

25 investors, entrepreneurs and experts gathered at Rockefeller Center to learn about potential breakthroughs Renewable Energy: Wind and Solar. Four companies in the wind and solar space developing what could be breakthroughs. Truly imaginative. Impressive. The presenting technologies:

  • Changing the Grid. Enables two-way flow of electricity to change energy. System that has been proven in Australia a major big box retailer is nearly eliminating their carbon footprint and their electricity cost by reselling their excess energy into the grid. Not possible before this technology.

  • Single Home Electricity systems from Solar. A software and hardware integrator has created a system to provide electricity to sub–Saharan African citizens for $1 per month. After 5 years of development, they perfected the model and now delivering electricity to nearly 2 million. Capable of scaling to 100 million.

  • Floating wind turbine. Because it is not anchored in the sea bottom, it can be put farther out to sea and dramatically increases the access to wind. The floating model far lower cost than traditional wind turbines vastly increase in the number of locations and potential for wind.

  • Drones that Drive Wind Turbines. Like a kite, as these drones fly up, down and around they pull a cord that drives a turbine generating an electricity generating. Can be attached to existing Wind Turbines.

Session moderator, Futurist Pablos Holman offered terrific perspective and insight understanding of the investment opportunities and landscape. The session ran from 3 pm to 5 pm with and followed by a networking reception.

Salons are intended to provide a regular gathering point to anchor our research into major areas of Climate, Energy and Sustainability.

Complete investment packages for these projects are available to members of the Altru Climate Project.

Upcoming Salons are now in development. Topics to include Agriculture, Energy Efficient Buildings, Carbon Markets and Hydrogen Energy. To get on the mailing list for upcoming Salons.

Visit this landing page to learn more and to register.

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