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Altru Climate Project Investment Thesis

The demand for energy is growing relentlessly. Advances in renewable energy are considerable but insufficient. Technologies take decades to develop. Time, we don’t have.

To address this reality, we believe the only viable strategy is to compress the time from invention to broad adoption of breakthroughs. If technological solutions become adopted much faster.

Business as usual won’t work. The long and arduous journey from invention to broad adoption must be compressed. We must find new models to accelerate promising technologies. It was done with vaccines. Why not with energy and climate solutions?

This simple graph illustrates what is needed to achieve the ambitious Paris Accords

Ideas that work must become $1 billion enterprises in 5 years, instead of a $500 million enterprise in 12 years. Or if you prefer, these ideas must impact 1 billion people in 5 years vs. 500 million people in 12 years.

Connecting the key actors. We are building a platform and hosting summits in Davos and at the United Nations to connect promising technologies with the largest emitters and heads of governments to fast-track winning ideas.

Altru Climate Project mission is to find the most promising technologies and connect them with larger institutions and governments to accelerate their adoption and realize their full potential in time to make a difference.

For governments to fulfill their climate emission commitments they must help the breakthrough technologies rapidly reach the marketplace.

Our approach is to build on the work already done by a range of international institutions that have taken the lead and deserve support. (See article on First Movers Coalition).

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