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Climate Technology Investment Forum New York

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

September 20. New York City.

Our September 20, focus is the role of private capital in decarbonization and technologies that can accomplish such.

Family offices, institutional investors, and technologists will have interactive discussions on the best ways to find and fund climate solutions. Discussions to include:

1. The Current State of Impact Investing. An Overview.

2. The Role of Family Offices. Shared experiences in climate challenge.

3. Climate Tech Entrepreneurs. Recommendations to achieve success.

4. Data Centers. Decarbonizing the technology sector.

5. Smart Buildings. Using technology to reduce emissions.

6. The Future of Carbon Markets.

7. Waste to Energy. Replacing Landfills with Clean Fuel refineries.

8. Plastics. Finding Circularity. Saving the Oceans.

These sessions are designed to initiate the building of communities of experts, innovators, and financers in areas of the climate and energy challenge. Summaries from each session will be available in educational modules, ecosystem reports, and a database of resources.

Across from Rockefeller Center from 2 pm to 5 pm, followed by a reception. Join us to learn about the big challenges and possible solutions in a relaxed setting. Apply to receive registration information.

To learn more about the Technology Innovation Forum email us at:

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