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Annual Meeting Update from Klosters/Davos

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Altru's CEO recently returned from four weeks in Klosters Davos setting up for Atlru's 5th Annual meeting and laying the groundwork for the launch of a Global Summit on Climate, Energy and Sustainability in October 2023.

He reported that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is back to pre-pandemic form based on the scarcity of lodging as reflected by the sheer cost of rooms. Simple $200 hotel rooms are commanding $3,000 per night in Klosters and significantly more in Davos if you can find one.

Fortunately, Altru's relationships with the owners of private chalets and have secured 5 chalets within walking distance of its headquarters chalet in the bucolic village of Klosters.

In additin to its chalet in Klosters, Altru will again have a clubhouse near Davos Platz train station which serves as home base for members during the week and meeting space for sponsors who may have presentations and/or workshops they want to host. And Attru will be hosting receptions and dinners throughout the week.

Altru's focus will be on the Promenade at sessions of interest and to build relationships with those organizations that want to be part Altru's plan for an October Summit. The goal is to create a preeminent global gathering of technologies to address the climate and energy crisis. The hope is that everyone in Davos who is serious in the climate, energy and sustainability will return in October.

The primary means to do this is through DAVO (Davos Association of Venue Organizers) which Altru helped to organize and is now active in building relationships with the many (over 100) venues that host sessions during the WEF.

The Altru Climate Project is its primary effort. Conceived at its 2020 meeting, it was disrupted by the pandemic, and now is ready to put in full motion. Global events have heightened the importance of this challenge. The strategy to address the crisis is to identify promising and potential breakthroughs and introduce them to governments and strategic investors such that they can scale rapidly. See the investment thesis in two graphs. to learn more about our strategy.

Receptions and dinners and collaborating with other groups such as the Green Accelerator with a wrap party and October Summit kick-off at the Piano Bar on the Promenade on Thursday January 19th.

It’s a very busy, interesting week with an incredible density of interesting thought leaders and changemakers from all over the world and as such is an ideal platform for the Altru Institute. Anyone interested in learning more about either the January meeting or the Davos Global Summit should contact

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