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Financing Infrastructure: Planning for Ukraine’s Rebuild

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The 3rd Gathering of the Altru Ukraine Project will be the afternoon of September 14th Midtown Manhattan.

Speakers from BlackRock and Rebuilding Ukraine Agency will anchor the session with presentations on the challenges and opportunities of funding the country's rebuild. Following this discussion, there will be brief presentations and updates from other key members of the Altru Ukraine Project.

Sponsored by The Altru Investment Network, UVCA and Ukraine Business News and the Ukraine Investment Monitor. 4 pm networking. 5 pm program. 6 pm reception. REGISTER to attend.

Program: 20-minute presentations on Financing Infrastructure followed by 5-minute updates from members on their projects and activities. Speakers will include: Inga Romashkina, BlackRock, Alex Gordin, Rebuilding Ukraine Agency, Andrew Pryma, Ukraine Business News. UBN, Andrey Kolodyuk, Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Assn. UVCA.

Attendance is by application and will be capped at 50. Wine beer and light snacks will be served at the reception.

Roundtable Special Interest Groups. 2 pm.

Before the general meeting, round table discussion groups will provide a deep dive into investment topics. These Special Interest Investment Groups (SIG) are available to members of the Altru Ukraine Project.

  • Media. Ukraine Monitor and Samizdat Online. The outlook and role of media. Journalist Stanislav Kucher and media technologist Yevgeny Simkin will lead the discussion.

  • Venture Capital in Ukraine. This session is for Family offices, Limited Partners, LPs, and VC fund managers interested in learning about the 16 Venture and Private Equity Funds currently raising capital in the country—a discussion led by Andrey Kolodyuk, chairman of the Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

  • Real Estate. Kyiv Construction Projects. Ukr Trade Capital CEO Andrew Pryma will present and provide a discussion on several residential developments currently seeking investment. The investment firm Sigular Guff will present a 60-hectare multi-use residential property in Bucha donated to create housing for those displaced by the war. To learn more about the Altru Ukraine Project, contact

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