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K12 Project Improving NYC's Public Education System

Altru Institute's K12 Project is pursuing a historic opportunity to rethink and reinvent ho we educate. The foundation of any free country is education, and our already struggling public education system has been ravaged by the pandemic. It has exacerbated an already unacceptable school drop-out rate and perpetuates an illiteracy > poverty > incarceration cycle for millions of children, resulting in a wealth divide that puts us on a path to failure.

The US Government has responded with a massive influx of Federal funding that, if managed well, could make a sizable impact. But irrespective of how much money is allocated, the effort will fail without the involvement of the entire community. This is a hugely complex problem beyond the capacity of government and the education establishment.

Altru's collaborative model empowers the many organizations working on this critical challenge. We are now assembling a small group of committed citizens to push the boundaries of innovation to see what is possible in order to reverse our country's current downward trajectory.

Altru Institute provides research reports on the educational ecosystem in New York City. This report addresses socioeconomical factors, biological/genetic factors, the nonprofit/community organizations that promote and study literacy, the Education Technology companies and private entities that promote literacies through patented technologies and research-based approaches, the current literacy instruction methods available to teachers and educators, and how the administrative bodies of public schools incorporate solutions to address these factors in the classroom and remotely. The Ecosystem Report provides a guide and roadmap for the incoming administrations as they attempt to fix what is widely accepted as dysfunctional system that has been made worse by the pandemic.

Among Altru Institute's plans to aid in the reinvention of the education system include their collaboration with OMNIS Education, a non-profit organization that that provides scholarships for gap year learning and offers unique, user-driven learning journeys for its members. Altru and OMNIS have plans to distribute this self-driven learning technology to underprivileged individuals and refugees in the near future.

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