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Waste to Fuels. An Emerging Industry

Advances in technology are making it possible to turn landfills into energy factories. Where dumps stand today clean fuel factories could stand tomorrow. Producing clean diesel fuel, sustainable jet fuel, clean hydrogen and biochar.

This development could nearly eliminate the emissions of climate warming methane and pollution problem groundwater from landfills. They can also provide energy security and independence to the local communities as they are able to create fuel from their own trash.

As for how far into the future this may occur is hard to say, but potentially in full motion by the end of the decade.

Plants are now being built that produce these clean fuels and the technology is improving continually.

Image below is a processing facility that may replace eveloper of advanced technology for processing waste.

The capacity to generate high financial returns while addressing climate challenges should provide the tailwinds for rapid growth. The limiting factor is likely to be just financial. These are capital-intensive operations requiring hundreds of millions of dollars. But they are profitable.

Pushback from the traditional energy suppliers is not likely because energy demand continues to grow. The demand by the public for clean fuel particularly in the aviation sector where the awareness of the need for sustainable aircraft fuel continues to grow.

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