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Sustainability and the Circular Economy

For a healthier, happier future, the biosphere and human civilization must coexist in a sustainable way. Sustainability is not limited to economic sectors – it is not limited to industrial, environmental, and energy industries. It is foundational to all aspects of life, and should be built into all industries, from textiles and fashion, to automotives, manufacturing, and construction, to agriculture.
The Altru Sustainability and the Circular Economy Project is an initiative to increase global collaboration among innovators in the field of sustainability. We explore the ways that circular methods can transform the world order to benefit the environment, reduce emissions, support human rights, ensure fair wages, and connect philanthropic endeavors worldwide. 
We convene on January, 21, 2020, in Davos, Switzerland during the Annual Altru Winter Summit to ask:
Can we remove plastics from the ocean, revive marine life, and safeguard human life? What technological advancements are available to do just that?
How can we transform the fashion supply chain (#2 global pollutant) to manufacture clothes without harming the planet?
Join our Sustainability Community by filling out the application below. 

Sustainable Fashion

Examining the future of sustainable fashion and the supply chain innovations that impact the planet and empower consumer choice.

Plastics in the Ocean

Imagining a future free of plastic and learning about the solutions for eliminating plastic waste and clearing the world's oceans.

Our objective is to assemble a global network of innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs,  financiers, and policy makers to develop a coordinated effort to address climate change. 
Please contact for more information.
What type of role do you envision playing?
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