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Altru Ukraine Project

Altru Institute, in partnership with the Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, has formed the Altru Ukraine Project with the objective to orchestrate investment in Ukraine now, to foster a “war-resilient” economy that can prosper and grow despite current challenging circumstances. 

The Ukraine Project will foster collaboration among the many organizations engaged and will assemble the financial, entrepreneurial, and technical talent to support this resilient country and position it for leadership in Europe.

About the Ukraine Project


This Initiative is made possible by support from the Ukraine Venture Capital Association and Private Equity Association, the Altru Investment Network and sponsors. Programs and initiatives include:


  • Regular meetings with leading Ukrainians in business and politics.

  • A consortium of organizations seeking to support the country.

  • Research reports and white papers. 

  • Newsletter.  The Ukraine Monitor monthly.

Ukraine Project - Shaping the future of Europe through Ukraine.

Ukraine could become “America East.” Ukraine prevails and prospers the world is a much safer place. This would change geopolitics for generations.

Our approach is to build a network of the country’s most influential and talented people to orchestrate investment in the country and make it war-resilient.  Ukrainian Americans have tasted freedom and prosperity and want it for Ukraine. They have what it takes. They just need a little help.

Media and information is how we will influence the narrative and foster wealth creation. Our approach is to build a trusted media vehicle and a narrative that Ukraine is an investment, not an expense. Helping the flow of information and improving the country’s performance is how we add value.

Ukraine Investment Monitor is a trusted informational resource run by Americans and Ukrainians to track progress and be a leading provider of investment information in Ukraine.  We will provide an auditing function to report where the money is going and what is working. Aggregate, curate, and provide a repository of high-quality investment opportunities. 

Our tackling the most complex problems establishes our credibility. We bring American ingenuity to solve problems and create opportunity. Our nationwide network gives us the unique insight to move and create markets.

Research Reports.  The Monitor’s revenue will come from a variety of traditional media tools primarily the sale of research reports on major areas of challenge and investment opportunity. The first reports will include:

  • Landmines. In addition to the human destruction, nearly 1/3rd of the agricultural land was rendered useless. Drones and AI offer a means to address this challenge and change the dynamics.

  • Drones. Drones in Ukraine are changing the nature of warfare and defense applications and will lead to technological commercial advances that will fundamentally change how we live. We have sourced the most advanced technologies in Ukraine and the United States around which we can build approaches that can clear land, save limbs and lives, and return land to productive use economically.

  • Artificial Intelligence. Ukraine is home to many of the most talented programmers in the world.  We will become a primary provider to companies worldwide seeking to utilize this critical technology across a broad range of businesses. This report will identify, profile, and represent this talent.


  • Mental Health. The strain on its citizens and war in general is nearly unimaginable. We are bringing into the country scalable PTSD technologies through the White Ribbon to address this need.


Networks of People. The strategies described will happen if the right people are in the right place at the right time with the right message. We identified and engaged key opinion leaders throughout government and civil society that provide the power and influence needed to effect the changes.

Meeting Series.


#1  Privatization. April 17.  Rustem Umerov, Head of the Ukraine State Property Fund.

#2  Ukraine Investment Consortium. July 17. O organizations focused on the future of Ukraine.   See POST

#3.  Finance and Infrastructure.  Sept 14.  See Program summary.   REGISTER

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