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Altru Ukraine Project

Altru Institute, in partnership with the Ukraine Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, has formed the Altru Ukraine Project with the objective to orchestrate investment in Ukraine now, to foster a “war-resilient” economy that can prosper and grow despite current challenging circumstances. 

The Ukraine Project will foster collaboration among the many organizations engaged and will assemble the financial, entrepreneurial, and technical talent to support this resilient country and position it for leadership in Europe.

About the Ukraine Project


This Initiative is made possible by support from the Ukraine Venture Capital Association and Private Equity Association, the Altru Investment Network and sponsors. Programs and initiatives include:


  • Monthly meetings with leading Ukrainians in business and politics.

  • A consortium of organizations seeking to support the country.

  • Research reports and white papers. 

  • Newsletter.  The Ukraine Monitor monthly.


Meeting Series.


#1  Privatization. April 17.  Rustem Umerov, Head of the Ukraine State Property Fund.

#2  Ukraine Investment Consortium. July 17. O organizations focused on the future of Ukraine.   See POST

#3.  Finance and Infrastructure.  Sept 14.  See Program summary.   REGISTER

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