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Approach. Identity the technologies with the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions. Build a database and develop a platform to showcase and to scale the best ideas in the world.  

Dementia & Alzheimers


Dementia is a national economic and social burden that could exhaust health budgets of countries and families. Currently dementia remains largely unaddressed in global, high-level workstreams. This global problem is far more complex and requiring far more creativity that large organizations can provide. 

Approach.  Forge a catalytic platform linking public and private sectors, traditional and new media/technologies, social marketing into an ongoing social impact. Blending Venture Capital, with global health organizations, media, scientific and academic with governmental entities. MORE

AI and the Future of Work


The displacement of workers by machines is coming faster than society can adjust. We face structural unemployment due to rapid technological changes, globalization, longevity and an education system not structured to meet future job related needs.  Session Jan 23 Davos


Approach: Aggregate the solutions for re-skilling America focused on highlighting the jobs of the future and the mitigating solutions through storytelling as the mechanism of communications. MORE

China US Relationship


Relations between the US and China are at a difficult juncture. 2000 years of history has shown that when an established ‘superpower’ is confronted with the challenge of a newly ascendant ‘rival’ power, the outcome has been conflict and war. We are now at a point where a trade war could lead to a cold war and conflict.


Approach Create a student run media enterprise at Universities across the United States and China focused on the relationship. It will serve a platform for research and discussion to identify the areas of agreement and means to resolve conflict. 



The field of Oncology is large and global and involves millions of people and billions of dollars. Our belief is that through enhanced communications, all of the organizations involved can improve their performance by just a few percentage points.  The impact of this in the aggregate would be enormous.


Approach By bringing light to the most innovative and impactful approaches we can provide insight for the “double bottom line” investors committed to this cause and enable investors to understand the highest and best use of capital in the oncology space, facilitate collaboration and share findings between oncology professionals and the impact investment community.



Altru’s business is to build communities of active philanthropists to deliver measurable progress in each of our Initiatives.  For each area of focus, we will develop and initiate global reports to educate and convene meetings to assemble communities of innovators focused on these issues.  

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