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In Davos: ICICB Developments. Branded Real Estate

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Ljubomir Samardzic, CEO of ICICB Developments presented its Branded Real Estate at the Altru Institute in Davos, Switzerland Tuesday, May 24th. He talked about the power of branding in the future of real estate development, the importance sustainability and the potential for crypto currency as a financing source.

The Dubai-based Real Estate company has captured two significant trends. Sustainability in real estate and crypto currency.

What is notable is their objective to make its developments be among the most sustainable anywhere, which plays a role in the branding, as the most prestigious brands in the world are keen to be regarded as sustainable and are responding.

Their first project, the Christopher A. Rockefeller resort and golf course Sotogrande Spain, has set a high standard in sustainability in real estate development. Their intent is to make the ICIBC projects have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

the objective to make its developments be among the most sustainable anywhere

Samardzic also described how ICICB Development has expertise in using crypto currency as a financing mechanism for funding real estate projects.

"The branded real estate industry has grown tremendously in recent years. Matching luxury brands with these developments is an exciting development in which we intend ICICB to be a leader “ said Samardzic.

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