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Report from Davos Switzerland.

DAVOS - It was a fascinating week similar to the previous ones but made more manageable by the lack of snow.

The Promenade - famous for major deals and relationships that begin on the street or at the hundreds of cocktail parties and receptions - was enhanced by the warm weather which heightened the magic of Davos.

Nowhere is there the density of interesting people from all over the world working on big visions and plans. There are many interesting conferences, but they tend to be national in scope and none have the history of Davos. You don’t get to Davos and put up with astronomical lodging costs unless you see yourself as a global player.

The hospitality of the various countries and companies is on full display in their spaces on the promenade. You can be consumed with incredible sessions of very smart people as well as amble free food and drink.

The satellite events are a driving force, despite the WEFs desire to see such events decrease, it is unlikely because of their appeal. The objective is to address global challenges - the many brilliant innovators that the city attracts during the week convene at the hundreds of events occurring through the city.

Nowhere is there the density of interesting people from all over the world working on big visions and plans.

Some long time veterans see a shift of power from Finance and governments to decentralization has taken hold and is an unstoppable force. This transition from centralization of government and financing to technology decentralization is unstoppable.

The dominant players on the promenade were the blockchain companies who have made Davos their global gathering point. The Blockchain Hub was at the center of the action with a street vibe that felt more like New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The crypto market meltdown that occurred just a week before didn’t seem to dampen their spirits as they remain convinced of the inevitability of the blockchain and decentralization.

But the 3rd week of January remains the preferred and January 15- 20th has been announced as the next meeting. In a short six months, the town will begin preparations again and we will certainly be back.


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